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 Free Upgrades
While the cruise lines don't give any details about which cabin they choose for getting a free upgrade, my years of experience in the cruise industry have led me to understand that booking through large agencies can get you more upgrades. Again, I don't have insider information about this, but this is what I have mostly experienced. Booking through them will get you good chances of getting an upgrade rather than those who book online themselves.
   Is this your first time traveling abroad? Taking the plunge on your very first international trip can be both exciting and intimidating. As you gear up to step out of your comfort zone and explore unknown territories far away from the warmth of your home, taste new cuisines and experience new cultures, a few silly mistakes can play a spoilsport in yourfirstinternationaltrip.Don'tletthemdampenyour spirit,justpackyourbagsandkeepinmindafewtipsbefore starting out on your 1st international trip!
Scan your passport and other important documents: Youalwayshopethatyourtriptoaforeigncountrygoes absolutelyhassle-freebutsometimesthingsgounplanned.It isfortimeslikethesethatyoumustbewellprepared.If yourpassportgetslostorstolenwhileyouarevacationing, youwouldwanttobesurethatyoucanstillmakeitbackto your country or at least be able to prove your citizenship. Hence, it is absolutely important to make a copy of your passport-both on paper for backup and an electronic copy onGoogledriveorcloudforextrabackup.Besuretomaila copy to a family member or friend you trust. That way even if things take a wrong turn, you would know how to find your way back.
Travelers insurance is a must:
You don't realize the importance of travel insurance until accident comes knocking on your door. Accidents and mishaps can happen anywhere so invest in a travel plan that has you covered while you are traveling.
Carry local money:
Not every country supports cashless transactions on all levels,somakesureyouconvertcashintothelocalcurrency ofthecountryyouaretravelingto.Evenifyouarecarrying
credit and debit cards, always keep a few stashes of money
in hand. Most public transports and local markets prefer cash over card. You wouldn't want to miss a bus or buy a souvenirfromalocalmarketbecauseoflackofcash. Separateyourcash:
The golden rule to keeping your cash safe is by the applying the divide and conquer strategy. Never ever keep all your creditcardsandtravelcashinoneplace.Keepsomeinyour purseandsomeinapouchinyourluggageorothertravel bagwhereyouthinkitwillbesafe.Additionally,keepsome ofyourcreditcardsinaseparatesectionofyourwalletand othersinyourluggage.Thatwayevenifyouaresubjectto any travel catastrophe, you will have some cash to help you sail through.
Stay Healthy: Checkandensurethatyouarecarryingallprescription medicines with you at all times. Upon arrival, spot the nearest medical facility and pharmacy shop, and save the phone numbers immediately.
Store Embassy's Contact Information:
Before you start your trip, it is best to save your embassy's contact information as well as other relevant emergency numbers which you can contact in an emergency situation. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have a fantastic first international trip! And, don't forget what Michael Palin had said, "Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, andIknowthatIshallbehappilyinfecteduntiltheendof mylife".
Happy Traveling!

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