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   By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan
JAFRE CHASE - Aspiring Musician
Jafre Chase, a humble 18 year old young man from Baltimore, Maryland, who went from homelessness to awesomeness, is proving to everyone that “Your current situation is not your final destination!” Jafre Chase, a Violist, born in the Bronx, New York, but whose family later moved to Baltimore, Maryland, is a bright young man who has overcome the odds to make a household name for himself, unintentionally.
When Jafre was in the 11th grade, his family hit on hard timesandunfortunatelybecamehomeless. Regardlessof his situation, he never stopped believing or working on his craft. At the homeless shelter, his mother made special arrangements for him to practice in an empty conference room. Allthishappeningduringthemostcrucialtimefor any teenager in high school (grades 10-11). While attending the Baltimore School for the Arts, with a major in viola performance,stillhestrived. Nowahighschoolgraduate of the Class of 2019, he is proud to say that he has gotten a minimum of 4 full scholarship rides. (University of Michigan, Peabody Institute, University of Maryland, College Park and the Eastman School of Music, where he will attend in the fall) Schools are lining up and knocking on his door, to teach this talented musician, where at one time he did not even have a door or a home of his own.
Even with all the challenges Jafre faced, his humble response when asked about his current stardom and his future, he replies "Oh, I don't think it will ever get easy, I have so much to learn!" God bless him. He pays homage to his mother, Cynthia Chase, and the many teachers, family, etc. whoneverlethimstop. Ifyouhavenotlearnedanything from Jafre’s story, then one thing you missed is that “all
things are possible through Christ!” inspiring, it is also amazing.
His story is not just
HUSTLE MAMA MAGAZINE is proud to shine a light on this month’s “OUR FUTURE” recipient.
We can definitely look forward to hearing more about Jafre Chase in the future.

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