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WELCOME to the world of HUSTLE MAMA: The Powerhouse Woman
We have found a place to laugh to the point of tears and cry to the point of hysteria. No matter what your perception of the 21st Century woman, the Hustle Mama Movement is unlike any other. This platform is about personal engagement on a global level where everyone who participates is doing so with the willingness to LIVE OUT LOUD, LAUGH OUT LOUD, LAMENT OUT LOUD, LEARN OUT LOUD, and LOVE OUT LOUD. Visit THE Hustle Mama’s Blog and subscribe!
THE Hustle Mama with a global mindset.. Online multi-lingual distribution
Starting in 2013: A first of its kind... a fully
interactive and engaged publication that evolves into the multi-lingual translation of ten other languages. We are taking GLOBAL
MINDSET to a whole new level and enjoying every bit of the ride! With every seasonal-quarterly print edition of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman, women in every geography are able to enjoy our online version in their native language daily, monthly, or as their time permits. Our Hustle Mama Collective seeks to build communities of Hustle Mamas all over the world.
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THE Hustle Mama: A Woman of Noble Character |
BEING ALL SHE CAN BE, DOING ALL SHE CAN DO, ALL IN A DAY’S WORK & WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE! She’spriceless, gaining the confidence of others where those with whom she’s partnered lack no value. She has exceptional taste and strives to work hard because she is built to last and is of good stock. She’s up early, working late at night, all in providing for her family. Her judgement calls are sound, as are her investment choices and the fruits of her labor. She leverages her resources to execute her vision, helps those who need it and is fearless. As an innovative and global reaching entrepreneur, she speaks wisdom and gives sound advice. She is honored and cherished by many.
Dr. Stefany J.
CEO | Editor-In-Chief
Cecile Anthony-Bryan
Senior Staff Editor
Jeff Williams
Wanda Atkinson
Project Coordinator
Amit Kumar
Piranha Outdoor Media
Sales & Advertising
Monique Caldwell, Senior Copy Editor Nafeesa Muqtasid, Style Editor Dee Rainer, JD, Legal Columnist Dr. Dee Carroll, Psyvhologist Tonya Kilikelly, Staff Columnist Sina McClendon, Staff Columnist Janell Berry, Executive Assistant

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